Explaining Acupuncture and Its Benefits


In classical oriental science, Chinese meridian system of the body is basically an energy highway in the human body  In other words, the meridian system describes the overall energy distribution system of Chinese medicine and helps us to understand how basic substance of the body like blood and body fluids permeate the whole body.   The meridian system is very much different from the circulatory system that we know of and that doctors use in their anatomy and physiology of the human body, since the meridian system has invisible channels, and Chinese medicine practitioners can determine where the acupoints are, or the places that are tapped to help the patient in the healing process.  Simply put, since our body has an ability to heal itself, putting it back with a clean bill is merely promoting it to self heal.

Inserting a thin, hair-like needle in the acupoints, or massage it with a firm pressure are the two ways to stimulate an acupoint.  To get a stronger stimulation of the body’s innate healing ability, one should choose acupuncture, rather than acupressure, but many people think that acupuncture is too invasive.  Some other common Acupuncture Parsippanny therapeutic methods well within acupressure includes: deep-tissue massage, laser acupuncture, cupping, qua sha, and more.

In its eastern form, acupuncture is considered to be a spiritual treatment, for stimulating a person’s life energy, which flows through a network of meridian in the body to promote general wellbeing.  The belief of traditional practitioners is that when this life energy does not flow freely through the body, the results is illness.  in the west however, we take the more scientific view that it stimulates nerves beneath the skin and produce pain-relieving substances.  Massage Therapy Parsippany is thought to reduce existing pains as well as, over time, altering the body’s central pain response and reduce chronic pain.

Although acupuncture and some other practices that do not use needles are using the same body points and the same philosophies taken from Chinese medicine, they only use body manipulations using the hand and other modalities.

The local points or the trigger points are targeted by a therapist who uses any modality.  When we speak of local points, we speak of actual parts of the body that are painful or uncomfortable.  When a point is connected to the point in the body experiencing pain or discomfort, it is called a trigger point.  The patient’s problem is the key to determining the two targeted points that need to be manipulated.

If you have an issue with pain or movement problem and are wondering if manipulating your acupoint might be able to help you, It is worth trying any of the two methods.

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